Lunch at Togatta Onsen ‘Sansatei’

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 11月. 7, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 11月. 7, 2016

After going to Zao Fox village I bet you will be all hungry. Located not far from the zao fox village, I recommend you to having lunch at Togatta onsen 'Sansatei'. I really like the homemade cheese sauce the put on the salad, it is verry delicious :9

Setelah mengunjungi desa rubah Zao, saya yakin anda pasti akan sangat lapar. Terletak tak jauh dari desa rubah, saya merekomendasikan anda makan siang di Togatta onsen 'Sansatei'. Saya sangat menyukai saus keju buatan rumah yang dicampurkan dengan salad, sangat lezat :9

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