Got you, mushrooms! Not the bears!

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 25, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 25, 2016

Oh yeah! We are going into the woods in Ugo for mushrooms foraging! Well, I have seen those grown indoor, but the wild ones, didn't got a chance... I wondered if they look like little ones with red caps or are they poisonous to be edible? (too much of those images from childhood stories!) And, we are into the mountains! Besides Beauties, Akita prefecture is well known for some Bears showing up in the woods! (oh is that a real life version of Beauty and the Beast?! haha) There are signboards to warn people to be careful of bears when entering the woods. So, is kinda scary~~~ (I'm here to pick mushrooms for my dinner, not becoming a 'dinner' for somebody! >.<)

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Don't worry much! There's an experienced guide from the locals to teach us to pick edible mushrooms. And, bears don't really show up when there's crowd or noises. So, make noises and let's have fun in picking mushrooms!

I did mentioned that we're entering into the woods. You might be thinking it is a tough journey ahead. But the path along the way is very easy to handle with. (don't get too much imagination like we're entering into a deep forest!) After about 10-minute walk, we had reached an area that is full of Nameko mushrooms. Most of them are growing in a whole bunch, so you're lucky to grab them all! Had a little bite on the freshly picked mushroom, and its taste was so FRESH! (ok I know I'm talking nonsense...) It's tasteless though, it's juicy! As it was freshly picked, the moisture was still there, unlike those seen in the cold storage that had been packaged for some time. (I bet no one take those raw!)

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I had great time in the woods! While having fun picking mushrooms, it was a relaxing moment as you're surrounded by the greens! (yellows are on their way!) Refreshing air definitely rejuvenates you! And little flowers along the way will brighten up your days too! ;)

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“采蘑菇的小姑娘,背着一个大竹筐 ,清早光着小脚丫,走遍树林和山冈。。。”

耳熟能详的童谣,正是《采蘑菇的小姑娘》。小编这一次就真的上山采蘑菇去了!在羽后町,小编融入了当地人自给自足的生活,随他们上山打猎!哦不不不!是採蘑菇!邓丽君说,路边的野花你不要採,路边的野菇也一样!有些野菇是吃不得的,但多数都是可安全食用。跟着师傅跋山涉水(有点夸张了!)十分钟左右,就抵达了野菇的天地啦~ 那木头上长着满满的蘑菇,要採多少,就採多少吧!小编也小尝了一口新鲜摘下的蘑菇,还真是新鲜吖~~!(是废话吗?; -_- ) 言归正传,它虽然没有什么味道,但有种鲜美、大自然的味道,犹如涌入大自然的怀抱!因为它是新鲜摘下的,有别于超市包装好的,咬在嘴里还会喷汁呢!


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