Enjoying the Traditional Japan at Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawa-ko

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 18, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 18, 2016

This is the where we stayed on the first day. It's called hotel mori no kaze tazawa ko.
The staffs' hospitality was outstanding. It's like a traditional japanese inn where you can wear yukata, relax at onsen, and the room is japanese style! There are several natural onsen spot near the hotel and one of them is the famous tsuru no yu


The name of our first hotel: Mori no Kaze Tazawako 


They waited outside to welcome us!

I'm really touched by their hospitality. Somehow we were treated like special guests.


After checking in, you can choose your yukata! yes, you wear yukata while in this hotel.


Onsen! They have open air bath and sauna, but sorry guys, photography is prohibited 


This is our room! so spacious.

Usually if we go to japanese style inn, we'll get similar room like this, but this one is a little bit different because there are spring beds below the futon.


Sunrise and Golf Course

I couldn't sleep, so I soaked myself into the onsen early in the morning, then saw this beautiful view on the back side of our hotel. It' a golf course. So if you want to play golf, you can do it here, then after you became tired you can relax at the onsen....


In front of the hotel, we can see a huge kannon sama statue. See, it's surrounded by those trees, can you guess the height?


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