Autumn Festival ‘Nasebanaru’ and Imoni Lunch: Yonezawa City

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 25, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 10月. 25, 2016

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The best beef I ever ate in Japan is at the Yonezawa City Autumn Festival!

Charcoal grilled fish is so fresh, big and tasty here at Yonezawa Matsuri!!

Barbecue beef and fish served with little or no spices and salt is so delicious at Yonezawa City.

The fan-fare, loud music, dance group performances, mascots, masquerades, artifacts, souvenirs,
fish pond filled with rainbow colours of fishes, ice-cream (dozen of flavours), drinks and so many games
you can participate in with tokens.

If you like what you see in the pictures, book your trip to Yonezawa City in Yamagata Prefecture next autumn/fall.

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