Walking Tour of Sakata Harbor’s Old Town

Walking Tour of Sakata Harbor’s Old Town

Two days, one night; 19,800 Yen!


Sakata is an ancient town situated at the mouth of the mighty Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture. Thanks to its location, Sakata became a thriving commercial hub in the Edo period, transporting rice, sake and 'benibana' (a flower used to dye kimonos and make lipstick red) to the Kansai region while bringing back boatloads of exquisite hand-crafted goods made in Kyoto. This trade made the merchants of Sakata fabulously rich!

This guided tour of the historical Sakata Harbor area will give you an intimate insight into the homes and lifestyle of these rich merchants, the temples they patronized, and the Kyoto-inspired dancing girls (Maiko) who enlivened their evenings!




Here's a taste of what you can experience on this tour:

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