Life of Samurai

In Akita Prefecture you can enjoy the original, untouched, natural beauty of Japan's landscape.

On this tour you can experience the life of the lords who ruled Akita during the age of the Samurai.
Using the JR rail system, this journey will take you to Kakunodate Station from Tokyo by Shinkansen.

First, you will have the chance to dress in traditional Japanese kimono! Then take a walk amongst the ancient samurai residences that line the streets (some still in use today).

You can also experiece the traditional local craft of 'Kabazaiku', which is made from cherry-tree bark.

You will stay overnight in the mysterious Nyuto onsen (hot-spring) area, ranked very highly throughout Japan and often known as the "hot spring you have to go to before you die". The Nyuto onsen area boasts seven different hot-springs. There are deal-coupons available so you can enjoy them all!



【DAY 1】
08:40 Leave Tokyo station. (Shinkansen Komachi 9).
11:41 Arrive at Kakunodate St.
12:00 Have lunch at 'Genpachi', which offers a special 'Samurai Bento'.
13:00 Dress in Kimono.
13:30 Walk along the streets of the samurai-residence area.
14:00 Kabazaiku experience (Sakura/cherry-bark traditional craft).
16:00 Leave Kakunodate (by car).
17:00 Check-in at Nyuto Onsen (you will choose one ryokan-inn for your stay).

【DAY 2】
08:00 Have breakfast.
09:00 Take a morning bath at the onsen.
10:30 Check-out of accommodation.
10:40 Leave Nyuto onsen area (there will be a car to take you to the station).

Option1: Extra onsen -  enjoy six more hot-springs around the Nyuto onsen area!
Option2: Visit the beautiful Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan.
Option3: Go trekking in nearby Mt. Komagatake (1637m).

【Price】30,000 JPY~(per person)
- Lunch at 'Genpachi and Kimono dressing.
- Walking tour (in English).
- Car-ride from Kakunodate to Nyuto onsen (return trip).
- Overnight-stay in Nyuto Onsen area (you will choose one ryokan for your stay) including dinner and breakfast.

(Scroll down for more information and experiences of travel in Kakunodate, Lake Tazawa and Nyutou onsen.)

Here's a taste of some of the fantastic experiences offered on this tour and other nearby locations in Tohoku:

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