Dake Onsen and Matagi Lunch

By Ahmed Dahlan (from : Indonesia) on Dec. 13, 2016

By Ahmed Dahlan (from : Indonesia) on Dec. 13, 2016


Visiting Dake Onsen was the perfect closing to the series of my activities in two days tour in Hirosaki. I was tired of doing a series of energy-spending yet joyable activities in Hirosaki. Getting my body relaxed in Dake Onsen was the best choice. Containing sulphur and having body-friendly temperature, onsen (hot spring) is good for body. It does our body good like relieveing chronic joint rheumatism, back pain, wounds, hemorrhoids, neuralgia (nerve pain), and others.

The Dake Onsen is located close to Mt. Iwaki. Accessing this site is quite easy, as it is not far from main street. Dake has been known for its fountainhead since the Edo period. This hot spring also serves as a popular a base for sight-seeing. The “Yuki Oroshi Tour” (Snow Removal Tour) is a recent attraction and has brought many visitors. Before going to Dake Onsen, we managed to have fun with snow, like making snowman, doing snow battle by making a ball of snow and throwing it to each others, and etc. It was really a joy able activities. After finished, then we went to Dake Onsen.

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Dake Onsen is designed in such traditional style that we will feel like living back in old period of Japan. Not only offering hot spring, Dake Onsen also provides menu for meal and ‘Omiyage’ shop. This place is highly recommended, especially as a closing for series of touring activities in Hirosaki.

We can have a wonderfuly tasty Matagi lunch. We had it after we finished bathing in hot spring. It was a perfect menu for lunch.


Jepang terkenal dengan pemandian air panasnya. Hampir di setiap prefektur di jepang memiliki pemandian air panas yang terkenal mendunia. Ketika berkunjung ke Hirosaki, menutup serangkaian kegiatan tour dengan berendam di pemandian air panas alami adalah pilihan yang sangat tepat. Berendam di air panas yang mengandung sulfur baik bagi tubuh. manfaatnya baik untuk semua mengatasi penyakit rematik, penyakit kulit, penyakit linu, dan sebagainya. Salah satu tempat pemandian air panas yang sangat terkenal di Hirosaki adalah Dake Onsen. Dake Onsen terletak di kaki gunung Iwaki. Lokasinya tak begitu jauh dari jalan raya, sehingga memudahkan siapapun untuk pergi ke tempat kesana.

Dake Onsen sudah terkenal beratus-ratus tahun yang lalu, sejak periode Edo. Pengunjung biasanya mengunjungi Dake Onsen setelah bermain salju, seperti berselancar maupun bermain skateboard di lereng gunung Iwaki. Sehingga, berkunjung ke Dake Onsen sering disebut sebagai Yuki Oroshi Tour, atau tour penghilang salju.

Desain eksterior dan interior Dake Onsen benar-benar tradisional. Sehingga, berada di dalamnya, kita akan merasakan suasana Jepang tradisional, seperti zaman Jepang ratusan tahun yang lalu. Selain menyediakan pemandian air panas, Dake onsen juga menyediakan fasilitas makan yang bisa dipesan untuk partai besar. Rangkaian aktivitas selama mengunjungi Hirosaki paling cocok ditutup dengan berendam di Dake Onsen.

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