A nice, long rest at Yupopo Hotel

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 12月. 13, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 12月. 13, 2016

After the show, we were all pretty hungry, so we went back to the lodgings for the night: Hotel Yupopo. The first thing you notice about Hotel Yupopo when you walk in is the fireplace. Being an American, when it starts to get cold, I always want to curl up by a fireplace and drink a cup of coffee. Most Japanese houses don't have chimneys, so a fireplace is few an far between. Needless to say, after everything was done for the day, I relaxed by the fire for a few hours. Before that, we had our dinner at the restaurant in Yupopo.


The dinner was a great assortment of cuisine from Akita prefecture, topping it all off with endless beer from the beer factory (I tried all of the types). During dinner we were also treated to a performance from one of the Warabiza performers, an extremely talented pianist. He finished his playset and stayed for an encore or two!


After a full stomach, we had free time before calling it a night, so I took my chance to have a dip at the onsen in the arts village. I don't know whether it was the type of soap the onsen had or the chemicals in the water, but my skin was extremely smooth when I woke up the next day!


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