Beer, Beer, and More Beer at Tazawako Brewery!

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 12月. 13, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 12月. 13, 2016

The first stop on the Akita adventure is Tazawako Brewing company. I don't consider my self a connoisseur of beer to any extent, but any one can see that the beer of this quality is top notch. The brewing company originally started as a project from Warabiza theater company before the year 2000 when beer making in Japan was really popular. The methods that Tazawako Brewing put into their beer perservered through the ages, and now they have a collection of trophies from beer contests all over the world. I hadn't actually heard of the beer before coming on this trip (like I said, not a beer connoisseur), but once tasting it, I understood why.


After arriving in the Akita arts village, we received a guided tour of the beer factory which was connected to the restaurant. According to the guide, the Pilsner (a type of beer) recently won an award in Germany for taste. Tazawako actually uses wheat from Germany in their brewing process, increasing the flavor with hops from the Czech Republic. Apparently mixing these ingredients with the fresh water of lake Tazawa means a perfect brew! I sure am convinced! After the tour, we were treated to a great 'all of this goes great with beer' lunch.


The first course out before us was a type of appetizer; something to enjoy with our beer like cheese, pickled squid, prosciutto, and a bit of nuts. Everytime I think of beer with any kind of connection to Germany, I always think about kolsch. The kolsch in the picture went great with the appetizers, and was gone before the main course! Speaking of the main course, we were served tempura (I can only guess beer battered) shrimp along with a grilled pork sirloin in a garlic sauce. The tempura was great, but the garlic pork was the most juicy, tasty sirloin I have ever had! My mouth waters thinking about it! After lunch was done, we all headed over to the theater to watch Haru-Ran Ran!

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