Meat and Melody

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 11月. 29, 2016

By Go!Go!Tohoku!! (Staff) (from : Sendai) on 11月. 29, 2016

Wrought by hunger after a long road trip, The Wappa-meshi Lunch at Antoraa was truly delectable: it was the figurative 'oinkment' to heal our empty stomachs. The supreme quality of the tender Hachimantai Pork, bred in the nature-abundant Kazuno area of North-Eastern Akita, was clearly tangible as it melted in my mouth. The subtle hint of flavor as well as aesthetic brought about by the magewappa woodcraft crockery enhanced the ambiance as well as traditional appeal of the restaurant. Each element of the dish, though separately presented, merged into a balanced composition of tastes that epitomized the care and precision with which the dish was prepared, mirroring its delicate furnishing. I couldn't help but polish off every last bit of food that I can only hope loved me as much as I loved it (except those last few pesky grains of rice due to my lack of proficiency in the effective use of hashi)! The warm and welcoming staff only served to further ensure that Antoraa would forever be ingrained in my memory.


The ‘Hanawa-Bayashi’ festival display exuded an aura of regalia, the majesty of its floats when perceived to the utmost almost letting me listen to the beating Wadaiko drums that would've resounded with deafening thumps, the subtle Shinobue elegantly whistling, the Samisens, Kane, and cheers play during the actual festival. On drawing closer to these floats, the details greatly intensify, much like the music would during the actual festival when two of the 'Yatai' or floats approached each other. It was fascinating to look at these floats, which can never be rebuilt or replicated as the methods through which to do so have been lost to the ages. 

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