About GO!GO!!TOHOKU!!!

About GO!GO!!TOHOKU!!!


GO! GO!! TOHOKU!!! is a project co-produced by the ‘Tohoku Ambassador Club’, comprising of international students studying and living in Tohoku. On this website, you will find contributions from these international students about their life in Tohoku. They will share with you their honest impressions of what they have seen, eaten and experienced. Through this website, we hope to show the rest of the world the many attractions Tohoku has to offer! We want to share a fascinating side of Tohoku which even Japanese locals might not have discovered, through the unique 'local-foreign' viewpoint of international students. We hope that this website will provide support and advice for those interested in Tohoku, and for those already planning their Tohoku adventure!


Of the millions of tourists that come to Japan every year, less than 1% know about the amazing destinations and experiences waiting to be discovered in Tohoku – come and find them!

What might seem like common practice and everyday values to local Japanese people can be new and attractive treasures through the eyes of people from different countries and cultures! There are so many unknown and enticing treasures just waiting to be discovered in Tohoku – come and find them!